Here’s what people have been saying about STREETFIGHTER:


"GREAT SHOW last night!!! Audience response to each song with solid vocals and outstanding music from the band make Streetfighter the real deal when it comes to paying tribute to the Rolling Stones. Many in the crowd of 3,100 said it was the best concert yet in our six year history, and we have had many outstanding bands perform for us during that time! Continued success and we look forward to your return in future years."
            - Review from a recent concert ('89 North', music venue in Patchogue, NY)


“Thank you so much for putting on such a great show at the Oceanside Library this past weekend. The accolades continue to pour in. It seems the appeal of the Rolling Stones knows no bounds, and their music is timeless. From 80 to 8 years of age, and everything in between, everyone who attended the concert had a wonderful time. The band was amazing, with members playing guitars, drums, keyboard, saxophone, and harmonica, it truly was just like being at a Stones concert. Pete VerEecke nailed Mick’s look, sound, and moves perfectly, and knows how to bring the audience into the show. We hope to have you back at the library soon.”
         - Eleanor Mahoney, Oceanside Library


"Grrrreeeat show last nite at Port Jazz! My friends and I caught u for the first time. Having seen the Stones at several concerts we were very impressed by the sound and the "moves". We will bring our stone(d) head friends to future shows."
        - Zamir & Gabriela

"Saw the show in Holbrook 9/10/11 and was very impressed. I'm not even a huge Stones fan, but thought the guys did a fabulous job with the songs. They've got the sounds, the talent, and "Mick" even has the moves! Great job -- will be seeking you out from now on. Thanks!!"

        - Debbie
          Holbrook, NY Outdoor Concert

"GREAT SHOW last night!!! Audience response to each song with solid vocals and outstanding music from the band make Streetfighter the real deal when it comes to paying tribute to the Rolling Stones. Many in the crowd of 3,100 said it was the best concert yet in our six year history, and we have had many outstanding bands perform for us during that time! Continued success and we look forward to your return in future years." 
        - Dave Berner, Co-Producer
          Family Summer Concert Series,
Smithtown NY
"Dear Streetfighter,
Once again, I would like to thank you for bringing your show to the library in Smithtown, NY. It is a fabulous Rolling Stones experience. Your portrayal of The Stones is first-rate. I am very detail oriented and it's nice to hear those minute elements that make you unique. Portraying someone else isn't an easy thing to do; yet you are so successful at it. Midnight Rambler was fabulous! Beast of Burden was phenomenal and the guitar work recreated the real sound of the Stones. I also would like to mention that the keyboard player did an excellent job of creating organ, horn and other sounds. I was hoping for you to segue into Shattered, but that's okay... I also was hoping for Monkey Man this time, but I understand that not everybody is familiar with deeper tracks and would rather hear top hits. Thanks again for adding some sunshine into my summer."
        - Sincerely, Lisa

"Just wanted to say thanks again, you guys made my sons party a bigger success than I could ever imagine! I’m sure when he looks back on his life and he remembers his graduation,
STREETFIGHTER and his party will bring a big smile to his face (I know it will to mine). Look forward to seeing you at your next show!!"
        - Randy & Janet (STREETFIGHTER Fans, from Merrick N.Y.)

"I just arrived home after a very enjoyable evening at the Smithtown Library where you performed a wonderful show (Summer Concert Series 9/4/08). I have to tell you, you really are terrific.
I am a die-hard Rolling Stones fan and I did not expect to hear such a tight tribute band.  I know all the moves, the voice(s), the riffs and drums, and I was very impressed with how well you played my favorite band ever.  A lot of people love the Stones, but I think I am in the category of loving them even more. I think you guys understand since you pay tribute to them.  I have been a Stones fan since I was very young.  When Let It Bleed was released, I was 13 years old. Already a fan, that album had become my favorite album of all time and I was very glad to hear Let It Bleed, Gimme Shelter and Midnight Rambler.  I would love to hear Monkey Man but I understand not everybody knows that song and you have to stick to the hits. You are all very, very talented.  It isn't an easy thing to do and I appreciate how well you have studied the moves and music and got it all down very well."
 - Sincerely, Lisa K.


         - Robin Boe (Events Coordinator, Arrow Electronics Corp.)


“My Boss LOVED the band SO much; he had me fly them out to our company event in Dublin, Ireland!”
        - Karen Servatius (Events Coordinator, Logicalis Corp.)


Streetfighter press article from "Beaches, Bars & B-3's: A History of Rock n' Roll on Long Island"

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